Monday, March 24, 2008

Concept Album/Song Lyrics/Being Retardy

You know a friendship is real when you can drop the face of someone's life for more than a year and then when you return to it it is not only the same it is even better. 

Last night before practice I had the best conversation with Tiffany. I was talking to her about the show on Saturday and how I felt about the band, and the new music. She is a writer and Has been writing a book and a blog and she's the first person who I told about how I got the Idea for this new music we are writing. 

 She had me laughing in tears by the end of our conversation. And when I got home she had posted the best blog as a tribute to friendship.. It was great. 

I am copying and Pasting Our conversation, though It is like 6 pages long because I really want ot explain where the Ideas for "Si Sidone" comes from and this all happened in real time and I think it's the best way to really explain it. 

,  Read on, friends!!

Meghan:I am SOOOOO excited about this new band God it feels so right!
M: EEE!!!! I'm like a little girl. The show was AMAZING last night
M: last night there were like 70 people there. They stopped letting people in the door. I kept falling into the crowd. See the pics I sent! all those kids that came out are so cool.
T: i am SO happy. this is exactly the experience you need. aww you're so cute in your cute pigtails hahaah. the show looks incredible. i am so glad you're so happy. you don't even know. I've been behind you this whole time, just hoping something like this would come along.
M: yeah yeah! And yes I am SOOOO happy. And it's not like this surface thing. It's like you know when you are really cold and your bones are cold and then you go by a fire and you get hot and you are too hot but your bones are still cold?
thats what calentura was like. And Now it's like my bones are warming up..

T: yes, actually. that's probably the most perfect description ever.
T: i finished two chapters of my book, ps!! in like three days. my goal is to have the book done by next year and then shop around for publishers hahaha, and until then i'm going to 'zine parts of it. OH GOD. THAT I'LL GIVE OUT AT YOUR SHOWS. hahaha
M: THATS AMAZING. I want to read it, I am only on the setting and outline of my story. My story is so complicated, here is just the setting.....
M: Setting:
Post apocalyptic earth/NYC: Year 2117: The Fringe City (Fringe City, the Fringe): World War Three in 2010 bombed NYC opened up a rift in the fabric between worlds The “World” (of the humans) and the land of Fairae, (a magical land that is simultaneously superimposed on the Earth in another Dimension. Due to the rift, magic began to seep out of the land of the sidthe (Elves, or the Fairae). Around NYC, what has not been decimated by the war is warped by magic. The Hudson River is the color of blood, filled with magic, humans who drink from it become addicted. Magical storms have twisted buildings into bizarre sculptures. In the Fringe, Magic and electricity cannot co-exist without interfering with each other. Magic is sort of like electrical antimatter. The area around NYC, what was once suburbs has been engulfed in Wild Forest called The Never Never
T: start from 6 october and work your way up...
M: god I'm so SILLY
T: they're generally stream of consciousness nonsense, but if you do it backwards, it might make more sense.hold on, SILLY. lemme readz.
T:ummmmmm you're not silly, you're creative as hell and that's incredible. let's work on our books together. no jokes.. i'd read that in a second.
M: YES! in our secret society! But Actually that setting, parts of it, I didn’t make up myself, It’s from these books I read as a kid, so I cant take full credit. parts of the story arent mine. Parts are from a collective story that I read when I was 12 or so
like one person made this setting and then all these other authors filled in thier ideas, so
T: OHH. okay. That's absolutely awesome, actually. the idea of that.
M: When I was younger I kinda added my own story in my head, and it became this long long thing. This long story that I would tell kids that I baby sat when I was in highschool.
T: i actually used to do that... just w/ books i'd read.THAT'S AWESOME.

M: and all those kids are older now and they still ask about it. They really loved the story. I just met up with my Ex-boyfriend the other day and he reminded me that After Morgan Storm broke up I planned to write out the whole story, the one that was mine.
T: And so they story of "Si Sidone" is that epic story therefore, you have to put it down somewhere. I caught some kind of epic story, but didn't know it tied so well into all of this. I love, seriously. i sat there and reread the lyrics like 1300 times that night.
M: Well not even like I had to put it down... the whole thing was this whole private world That I first experienced through these other writers And as a little baby kid it meant SO MUCH to me... and then I started like.. living in my head there... and then when I first started writing with this band. I mean I NEVER would have said I would write a concept album
T: no, it just... came out
M: When I listened to the songs the story.. my/our charecters just came pouring out
M: I wrote to the original Author
T: but he hasn't written back yet. when did you write? I think he'll write back. i mean... i dunno. if i ever do make it author-dom... i totally want to be the one that writes everyone back and lets them know how much it means to me .aka therefore, he should write back haha. my book... blah. i've been for some reason trying to title it for like a month. "scalping names" or "speak a revolution" or... "we mark ourselves in pen and ink" blah blah i dunno. it's harder than i thought.
sorry, tangent.

T: can you just tell me before i die of not knowing?
T: MEGHAN, I'm going to punch you in the throat unless you tell me now

M: did you get what I just sent?
T: no, i just got the "OH MY GODDDDD"

M: he wrote back!! Hold on

M: i'm preeetry much gonna cry. read this.

Dear Meghan,

That's got to be a contender for the sweetest fan letter ever. I am honored beyond words. I'm forwarding this to Emma (you have read Finder, I trust) and Terri Windling, 'cause they'll love how you've
incorporated Borderlands in your music, which I adore.

And having the lyrics clickable is magnificent. I'm out of touch with
many web things, but I wish I could just click "lyrics" so often.
(Well, except when the words you thought you heard were better than
the words you did, but that doesn't apply to your tunes.)

Let us know if you ever play Tucson!

ever so pleased,


On Mar 20, 2008, at 6:12 PM, meghan storm wrote:
I'm Meghan..
I have a question to ask.
.... First of all. I've never read any books more than I've read Elsewhere and The Never Never. I've never had a Better friend than Ron, I've never been in love with anyone as much as I've been in love with Leda, I've never eaten Better Pizza than at Godmom's. I've never felt safer than with Mickey. But never more at home than at castle pup, with Mooner and Wiseguy, never more devastated than when it fell apart, I've never Cared about anyone *ever*, more than Florida, and I never have been more scared of anyone than of Crystavel and Fire Hair... I've never cried harder than I cried for those friends, I've never laughed harder, or shared so many secret jokes and memories..I remember hanging with the Rats, I remember dancing in the Raves. I remember being on a motor cycle when the spell box cuts out. The acquaintances I had!, Finder and Fixer I remember Running with the dogs, and Being so hurt over Leda's milk habit.

Maybe all that is weird.. But I don't think so. It was just all very real to me and my intense imagination.
I can't tell you how big of an Impact these books made on my childhood development. Things were not awesome in my life....., and I found a Home inside the words you wrote.

Thank you. So. Much.

.....As I got older I used to tell your tales to the kids that I baby sat, and Over time The story grew and branched and changed; places, and characters, plots,... I told stories you guys only hinted at, or maybe no one ever imagined.... But a lot remained the same..... Your story and the stories in me that grew from it have been with me since I was a child.

So.. Now I am older, I’m a musician and a teacher of autistic children, and I have a brand new band that began as another one was ending, and for some reason when I started writing Lyrics and Vocals Your/Our/Terri's Story just started coming out. The story just sounded like the music...
So my question is... Is that okay with you? How can I make sure you get the credit you deserve?
You can Listen to the songs and read the lyrics at
I hope you aren't mad, I love you, you know...

Meghan Storm

M: saying those books were my favorite is just like
T: we're going to tuscon.

M: not even in the same running as an understatement. I literally found a home in them
T: i compleeeeetely understand. i've done the same. w/ books. WE ARE GOING TO TUSCON!
M: I cant believe this
T: we are. straight up.going to tuscon. okay - listen. this is your dream, i know. so... in a few months, i'm getting some money from blah blah some shit from my grandpa who i never met. but, okay. i'm getting money. and we're going to tuscon
M: HAHAHA. You are so amazing!, Naww, we'll go on tour
T: which, btw - i pronounced "tusk-un" for a long time. yo, it doesn't matter. we're making your dream happen. whether you figure out a tour or not hahaha

M: you put your monkey is a GIRLS DISCRETIONARY FUND and go to macchu piccu or something
M: MHAHmonkey!!!!!! Whoops
T: HAAHAHi will. Me and my monkey.
M: You put your monkey where it belongs! i did not mean to write that
T: you cannot have my monkey, sorry.
M: HAHhaa NOO I want yoru grandpa's monkey!!!
M: I'm taking it and goign to tuscon!!
T: HAHAHAHA you can't smuggle the monkey onto the plane.
M: You'll never find your monkey ever again, mmmuhahah!!!!
T: shit shit! HAHHAHA gimme my fucking monkey.
M: HAH Fuck you, bitch ! MY MONKEY!! HAHA my head hurts from laughing
M: I am going to be late for band practice!! SHIT I AM ALWAYS LATE!
T: my sister's looking at me weird and my stepdad's like ARE YOU OKAY? GO to practice. WTF.
M: You know, the band calls me Retardy.
T: take my monkey and go!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Last Nights Show @The Iron Monkey

Yo people! This is Eddie, and I just wanted to write a little bit about last nights show. 

It was great.


Hahaha no seriously it was such a great show! We packed the place like whaaatt! We had friends come out that we haven't seen in years (!!!), family, kids screaming our name, you name it. It was tight in there, but we rocked out hard!! I was going fucking nuts like I had a slinky for a neck haha. Thank you soooo much to all who came out and made it a great night for us :O)


Saturday, March 22, 2008


By: Meghan Storm

teee hee... as you can see I'm quickly overtaking Eddie's (I.E. Katie's)  little genius idea for a blog. 

Today it was a pretty good day. I slept late because of my cold, which was good even though I'm going to suck anyway tonight, booo!!

Today, I went to visit my friend in the Hospital. It was a pretty aweful place. Hospital's often don't make a lot of sense to me because It weird that we put a bunch of sick people in a room and expect them to get better. It's hard to not be sick. 

I really empathize with my friend but it's had to know what to say or do when someone is sick. 

Which is weird because I've been really sick at times and I hated the way that everyone around me walked on Eggshells about me being sick, and now I find myself doing the same. 

Anyway.. I hope she gets out soon. 

Okay I have to go pick out an outfit to wear tonight because My resident Fashionista (Katie) who usually helps me pick out clothes is out doing all things easter..  So I have to do this by my self... Well see how it goes!


I hope to see you all at the show!!


By: Meghan Storm

Tonight (after I woke up at 3pm) John and I met up and went to see my friends band Millsted play at the Luna Lounge.  In my complete ADD I forgot my purse with my Passport in it, (I am carrying my passport for ID because I somehow lost my Drivers.. somewhere I have no idea . even where or when, and when I went to get a duplicate they informed me that My license is actually suspended from a ticket that I completely forgot about and I haven't gone to the staion to take care of the ticket because..... well.....I forgot. As I said ADD, I hate it! It's amazing I get anything accomplished). Anyway as we were standing there pleading for the door guy to let me in, my Friend Tim O'Reilly came up and apparently he was playing with his band Mickey's Crew, Which was really funny because I met the singer of his band, Mike, in a bar in NY one time and he got my digits but we never actually went out. 

The door guy told me I had to leave but then when I actually went to leave I guess he felt bad for me so he actually let me in! I felt like I was 18 sneaking into bars again. 

The show was really great!   Millsted sounds like... Lounge-Core or something.  John Liked it alot. Their singer is super talented!  He has a Very sweet melodic, velvety voice but it ranges on Glassjaw at times.  Chris, the guitarist has been a friend of mine since I played in Morgan Storm when I was a Teen.  Tonight was the first time I've seen him in a looong ass time. 

Mike and Tim's band was hilarious.. I didn't get it. Their Drummer had apparently broken his shoulder, and so the guitarist, my friend Tim, played drums through half the set, until Mike was telling him he sucked so much that the drummer (he had been standing on stage singing back ups) took off his sling and got on the drums, So Tim took the guitar away from the other guitarist and started playing... While Mike ragged on everyone the the whole time. It could have been horrible but it wasn't. I guess a hardcore band can do pretty much whatever they want, as long as they are making fun of people for it. 

After the Show, John and I went to meet up with Eddie, Katie, Mario and some other people for Mario's birthday. They were all at the Brooklyn Brewery and I really wanted to go but I forgot my ID. I tried to get in anyway but got totally denied!  Even though they had let Eddie in without his ID. (Maybe the door man had his eye on him, he can be kinda Foxy.) It kinda sucked because I really wanted to see KATIE! Who is the best ever. She is my favorite surrogate member of FOS. I vote for her!  

Anyway, now I'm home, finally I had to get Cat food for my precious little pumpkin, and came out with 2 different kinds of ice cream, haha! Such a Girl!    I gotta get some good sleep, cause I have a cold and I don't want to suck tomorrow!

sayonara, bitches!

As soon as I find out how to post pictures on here I'm going to start posting Pictures of Fever (my cat).  

Friday, March 21, 2008

I'll never sleep again, I won't even close my eyes!

By: Meghan Storm
HEeeeello Friends..

    This is Meghan waking up from 17 hours of Drug (benedryl, fools!) Induced slumber. I'm waking up super excited today.  I had so much fun at the show on Wednesday, despite falling off the stage twice, kicking Eddie's bass drum out from under him and nearly getting my skort taken off in a run in with Jose's instrument.. hah. 

   God we had a great time! Rocking out too hard, staying up way too late with Eddie and John, and our friend Keiran from Jak Trippa. After we left the Whisky Bar we went back to unload our gear at our studio and we had Headstand contests (which I won, of course!) haha! 

   I almost can't wait to play tommorow!

   Fun Facts about Me!:  

             I have a cat named Fever, who makes me feed him gourmet Salmon Burgers. He's like a teenage boy, he only comes home to sleep and eat. 

             I live in Westchester, Ny.  My town boasts a PRISON.

             My father is a Gynocologist. 
             I'm Irish, but I speak spanish almost as well as Luis and Jose!

            I was a Catholic School Girl. 

            I am a Libra, and I hate making decisions because I can see all the sides of everything. 

             I love science fiction/fantasy  books. 


-Meghan Storm



It's Late But I'm Still Truckin'!

What's up readers? This is eddie, and I am still up, even though it's 12:42 in the morning! I just wanted to say that last nights show @The Whiskey Bar was great! We did a lot of neck muscle straining, soul pouring, music playing, and most of all, rocking the F out. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us.

Who watched Lost tonight??? I LOVE that show because it is not only entertaining, but it is also brilliantly written. I sat with Katie (gf) on our couch and ate some delicious food that we made. We are true Lost fans haha, and even Jose & Luis (bass and 1 out of 2 guitarists in our band) are now big fans as well. To bring back a saying from the 90's growing up in Hoboken: It's the BOMB!

This is a quick little post just to keep you "online" with my brainworks. So, I bid thee farewell, but not without asking some questions...

-Who are you voting for this upcoming election?

-Why have you not checked out my g/f's blog ( yet???

-What do you want to do this year??

-Why don't you know about the amazing band that once was, Denali?

-What does your day usually consist of?

-Who framed Roger Rabbit?

-Why was my last question so lame? haha

And finally...

-If you could be anywhere in the world right now, ANYWHERE, where would you be?

++++++Next show: The Iron Monkey, Jersey City, NJ

++++++Fav. Afternoon tv show: hahaha...Reba :( it's funny...I swear.)

++++++Random fact about me: I wanted to be an astronomer since forever, yet, I am not so friendly with super advanced math...So, I ride parallel to the football fan who watches highlights, can explain why they are beautiful, understands their importance, but still cannot throw a touchdown down the field/into the depths of a distant galaxy for the life of me. But I can probably play the drums better than most astronomers. How do you like them calculations smarty? :O)